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Our children are animals

TC Conner:

It’s a downright shame!

Originally posted on Mindful Digressions:

church sign This is a real sign in front of a real church in Kentucky. Those are real letters spelling out real words (well, mostly real words). This picture was not created or modified using Photoshop.

And there is so much wrong with this sign and what’s on it.

Let’s start out with the most obvious — the spelling error. “SUCEED.” Huh? Well, as a result of my extensive research, I have learned that “suceed” really is a word.

Yes, According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, the word “suceed” refers to “an insulated container used especially to store liquefied gases, having a double wall with a vacuum between the walls and silvered surfaces facing the vacuum.”

And the Urban Dictionary definition of “suceed” is that it’s an “up-and-coming word that you say when there is nothing but a hot, steamy pile of FAIL building up.”

So maybe…

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2 Responses

  1. And thanks for this reblog as well. It is, indeed, a shame.

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